Egg Farms

Welcome to the virtual farm tours of five Canadian egg farms! No two farms are the same, but these five are good examples of egg farms in Canada today.

Quick Canadian egg facts:

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Learn more about where eggs comes from by visiting the five egg farms profiled on this site.

Conventional Eggs

Meet Adam, Danielle and their son Dylan. This is an example of an Ontario egg farm. We hope you enjoy your tour.

The majority of Canada's table eggs come from farms where the hens live in small groups in cages. The cages allow all birds to have equal access to fresh food and water. They have mesh floors that allow the hens' waste to fall away, keeping the birds and eggs clean.

Tour a Conventional Canadian Egg Farm

Free Run Eggs

Welcome to the farm of Luke and Sandra and their four children. This is a typical example of a Canadian free run egg farm. We hope you enjoy your tour.

A small percentage of eggs available in Canada come from free run egg farms. These hens are raised in barns where they have access to the entire barn floor area but don't go outside. Hens are able to scratch and lay their eggs in nesting boxes.

Tour a Free Run Canadian Egg Farm

Free Range Eggs

Welcome to the farm of Henk and Jennie. This is a good example of a Canadian free range egg farm that is also certified organic. We hope you enjoy your tour.

A small percentage of Canada's eggs are "free range". Free range eggs come from hens raised in barns with access to outdoor runs, when weather permits.

Tour a Free Range Canadian Egg Farm

Aviary Egg Farm

Welcome to a virtual tour of an aviary style of egg farm where the hens live free in the barn. There are only about 10 commercial farms of this type in Canada. In aviaries, hens have several levels on which they perch, feed, drink and lay eggs in a nest box. They are also free to fly down to floor level to scratch. We hope you enjoy your tour.

Tour a Canadian Aviary Egg Farm

Enriched Colony

Welcome to a mini tour of a Canadian enriched colony egg farm. Enriched colony egg farms are a type of hen housing system that is becoming more popular on Canadian egg farms in Canada.

Tour an Enriched Colony Egg Farm