Turkey Farms

On Canadian turkey farms like this one, poults (baby turkeys) arrive when they are about a day-old. They are then raised in climate-controlled barns that protect the birds from harsh weather, disease and predators.

The first stage of production from one-day of age to five-six weeks of age is called brooding. During this time the young birds are carefully watched and kept warm.  The next stage of production is called the growing cycle as the birds grow from five to six weeks of age to between 11 and 17 weeks of age, when they will reach their desired market weight.

Quick Canadian Turkey Facts:

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Turkey Farm

Welcome to the Canadian turkey farm of Brent, Christa and their two young daughters, Hayleigh and Emily. Brent was raised on this farm and is proud to be raising his children here as well. This is a good example of a Canadian turkey farm.

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